Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Linux, X Windows System and ACN

Lab Incharge-Ms. Anshu Malhotra (Assistant Professor)

Lab Attendant - Mr. Sharad S More



About Lab

This lab serves as a platform for learning and implementing the data structure in 'C' programming language. Lab Work is designed to help students learn about memory management and various other operations on data. The Lab is well equipped with all advanced software's (Turbo C Version 4 Software) for practical applications. The aim of the course is to teach students abstract data types and dynamic data structures. This Lab is also used for Linux & X windows system programming practical. For this Red Hat Linux 2.6.18-8.e15 is installed on all the machines of the Lab. LAB A107 also serves as perfect platform for Advanced Computer Networks practical as all the systems have Cisco Packet Tracer installed which allows the students to understand how packet in a network works.

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